Safety Leadership Videos For High Risk Occupations

Based on the Material of Jeff "Odie" Espenship

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This is it! A full library of training material contained in seven lessons averaging eight minutes each–suitable for inspiring training sessions at any high-risk work facility. These episodes are based on Odie’s keynote and include sessions on Complacency, Snap Decisions, Changes in Work Activity, Hazard Recognition and more. Note: This contains all the material on Leading Indicators: Little Things plus much more. Total Running Time: 56 minutes Price $1599


The story of Eastern Flight 401 is a haunting reminder of the danger of simple distractions. A burned out light bulb became such an attention magnet that no one noticed the shallow descent toward the swamp. This DVD illustrates our weakness as multi-taskers, and the need to keep the main task in the forefront of our minds.
Running Time: 12 minutes Price $395


Even your most experienced, most competent operator can be your biggest nightmare if that person sees themselves as above the rules. This is the story of Bud Holland who crashed a B-52 because he thought he could operate beyond the limits. Where were the supervisors? They were right there and didn’t stop him because they believed the hype. Who are your Bud Hollands, or what procedures and shortcuts represent that ticking time bomb? Don’t be the one saying, “I Knew It!” when you get that phone call. Running time 8 minutes, Price $295


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This extremely personal story by Jeff Espenship points the finger at any of us who take shortcuts around required procedures. Everything we do has an influence on those watching, and when we skirt the rules we teach others to do the same. Jeff believes his “hurry-up” mentality resulted in the accident which claimed the life of his brother. Running time 10 minutes, Price $395

This classic from Target Leadership describes three workplace demons: complacency, shortcuts, and snap decisions. Thousands of copies have been sold to the nation’s top companies, and your company can benefit as well if you operate in a high-risk environment where these demons lurk. Running time 27 minutes, Price $495


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This is the gripping story of the worst aviation accident in history in which two jumbo jets collide claiming the lives of 583 people. The story illustrates the hazards of unexpected changes at work and the danger of a leader who does not listen or consider the input of other team members. This video includes an interview with the only surviving pilot of that mishap. Running time 16 minutes, Price $495

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Target Leadership Founder, Jeff “Odie” Espenship