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The habits that served us so well . . .

just screwed us to the wall. Read on, because it can happen to you.

BAD Day: You just took off from LAX and cleared the airport boundary fence as the land underneath you turns to ocean.  Suddenly the airplane’s engines get really quiet. The flight attendants begin instructing passengers to put on their life vests and “Brace for Impact”. Oh, and the small boats out the window are getting bigger fast.

WORSE day: You are the captain who just INADVERTENTLY shut down both engines in a moment of brain flatulence.

This is the power of habit without thinking. It kills people, or at least rearranges their life’s priorities. (In this case, the engines were restarted 500 feet above the water.) Gulp! A minor thing happens and we react out of habit.

“I see a problem, flip these switches, NO WAIT, the other switches!”

The muscle memory that served us so well for so long suddenly has a knife to our throats. Habitual action is dutiful, but not adaptable or wise. That is why we have checklists. Work activity can change in a second due to factors outside our control. We cannot know how or when it will change, we only know it will. And we MUST

  • Prepare in advance by training for abnormal situations,

  • Having guidance close at hand, and

  • Having a proper team concept to QC the actions of each other.