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President John F. Kennedy

set soaring expectations when he proposed the impossible, “To send a man to the moon and safely return him to the earth before the decade is out.” He empowered a people to make the impossible happen by clearly communicating his vision to them.
When empowering employees to take you to the moon in operational excellence and safety, it is important that you stay actively engaged in the process. Provide feedback. Give updates. Be open and ready for change.
Change might be what is needed. Peter Drucker, well known business author, management consultant, and professor who made famous the term knowledge worker, said leaders “need to be ready to change everything about how they are doing business.”

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”
                                                                                                        Peter Drucker

To do the right things, Target Leaders must keep the index finger of one hand pressed firmly on the pulse of the company’s values and beliefs. At the same time, they must also keep the index finger of the other hand firmly pressed on the pulse of the people. In so doing, you are best able to recognize, address, and correct issues and behaviors that fall outside of the safety norms, expectations, and vision you and your organization sets.
Feeling both sets of pulses allows your people to understand the vision of where you are and where you need to go. They see what goes on everyday when you are not around. They hear about the near misses and non-injury events. They are closest to the problem; they often have the best solutions to fix those problems. By you actively soliciting their thoughts and ideas on how to accomplish the vision creates their buy-in. Give them ownership of the process, and I promise they will take pride in producing lofty results. As a balanced Target Leader, this is how you get your people to the moon with safety and operational excellence!

Maintaining a culture

of accountable and responsible employees in your work force is not easy! As a Target Leader, keep your brain ten steps ahead of your people’s bodies. Be proactive. Think ahead. Recognize the pressure points and address those areas before someone does something dumb, dangerous, or different.  Start with communicating a vision of where you are and where you want to go. Once that vision is clearly defined, empower your employee group to help get you there. The task may seem impossible at first, but set your expectations Names on the Cup 2017 online

A culture of accountability & responsibility

When a mishap or near miss occurs, this culture seeks answers to:

“How do we prevent this from happening again?”

Creating this type of culture among your workforce is probably one of the biggest challenges you will face as a Target Leader. If mastered, you will truly rise to the top in overall operational excellence and safety. Responsible employees reflect inward for continuous personal and process improvement. They consider themselves as part of an overall system. They intermingle, react, respond, and behave within that system. Target Leaders embed the notion to be accountable, not held accountable. There is a difference. Each employee understands that they are a critical variable of the entire operational system, and each part within the system elicits and brings out certain human behaviors. A responsible work culture means each person is accountable unto themselves with the company’s equipment, training, rules, and policies.