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When No One is Looking

“How we behave and operate when no one is looking defines our character. “. -Odie

A person of character does the right thing as a matter of principle. Target Leaders are people of character who model good character to others as naturally as breathing. An organization with leaders of character top to bottom is the best kind of organization.

Some try to bypass character development and rule by fear, but fear is the wrong tool for the job of leadership because it brings out the worst in people.
Fear shuts down honest communications and breaks up teams. Ideas are squashed. Suggestions go un-suggested. Projects fail. Careers and companies follow.

We need people of character driven by an internal code of right and wrong. They can be trusted to operate unseen, offsite. People of character can save your bacon when they see something you missed. Where do you find these people? Start by being one. Start conversations about ethical situations on the job. Be a Target Leader and you will be surprised how much character is already there waiting to be developed by your good example.