Safety Lessons for Superior Leadership

This DVD contains seven individual lessons suitable for seven training sessions. These are based on Odie’s keynote and personal experiences as well as some scripted and produced materials from noteworthy events in history. The lessons include:

Complacency: The Silent Killer
A thunderbird pilot mis-calculates his altitude and puts himself into an impossible situation.

Snap Decisions
Odie’s story of youthful exuberance and over-confidence which almost cost him his life on a training mission in Alaska.

      Pulling Through Every Time
      The personal story of the events surrounding the death of Jeff’s brother. It is an unforgettable lesson on attention to detail and doing the job right every time no matter how tempting it is to find a shortcut.

      Changes in Work Activity
      The crash on the island of Tenerife was the worst accident in aviation history and demonstrates several critical lessons for any high-risk work environment including changes in work activity as a warning sign for disaster.

      Hazard Recognition
      The second part of the Tenerife story includes an interview with the surviving pilot and emphasizes how to see an accident coming as well as the need for us to listen to input from others.

      Knock It Off
      Air Force pilots have a phrase, and a code, that requires everyone to speak up and everyone to acknowledge when safety is about to be compromised. Does your company do the same? Should you? A presentation by Odie Espenship.

      Keep Off the Grass
      This presentation by former Marine fighter pilot Wes Sharp relates his own experience of an air-to-air collision. He teaches the proud tradition of keeping the rules, all the rules, in every great organization.

      Running Time: 56 minutes    Price: $1599